The roots of therapeutic energy.

Our history is very linear: for 30 years we have been specializing only in lasertherapy and magnetotherapy because light and electromagnetic fields are basic and natural energies. Their efficiency against pain is proved and supported by science.

During these 30 years we have studied, investigated, tested.
We have encountered researchers, doctors, operators from the whole world, and still do so every day:
to develop the almost infinite potential of these primordial, beneficial, versatile and above all safe energies. 

We tried to control them with help from research and, as a result, we have defined a new therapeutic culture based on the innovative synthesis of advanced technologies and software, efficiency and safety, ergonomics and design, in a concept of global approach.

Our products – Hilterapia®, MLS® Laser Therapy and magnetotherapy – were created from these premises and offer curing methods that are increasingly more targeted and customised according to the characteristics of each patient.

As in nature, whole produces a better result than the sum of any single activity.