Perfectly controlled and synchronized energy.

MLS® Laser Therapy arose from ASAlaser scientific research in order to overcome traditional lasertherapy limits in efficiency and safety and to exploit high and low power advantages in a better and simultaneous way.

We therefore perfected a new refined and complex impulse, which transfers light energy to anatomic structures – therapy targets – in an efficient way. The energy, directed by a newly conceived optical system, is distributed over a wide target area in a homogenous way, activating the photoreceptors and also involving the tissue below.

The MLS® (Multiwave Locked System) impulse is based on two combined and synchronized emissions: one has the same power as LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy), while the other has the typical characteristics of High Power.

The supply methods and the correct balancing of these two powers means the positive effects of HighPower and LLLT can be used together and safely.

The MLS® impulse modulates cellular metabolism and improves the supply of energy.
Indeed, the increase of PP1 (Protein phosphatase 1) created by the therapeutic process, regulates the muscle relaxation/contraction process and stimulates the accumulation of glycogen supplies (energy source needed for muscular activity).

The thermal effects of MLS® Laser Therapy generate indirect photothermal effects that in turn mechanically stress the cells. This kind of stress favours tropism, homeostasis and cell differentiation in muscles and all the other tissues with a mechanical function: it favours the recovery of damaged tissue.

The MLS® impulse produces measured thermal effects and always remains under the danger threshold. It stimulates biochemical reactions and vasodilatation, increasing the ratio of oxygen and nutrients in the treated area. Moderate vasodilatation favours inflammatory process recovery and oedema reabsorption.

These results, together with the analgesic action of the treatment itself, are at the basis of the rapid recovery from painful symptomatology indicated in numerous clinical studies.

The kind of technology that expresses MLS® laser impulse functionality was cleared by the US FDA.

To guarantee concrete, quick, measurable benefits to patient. Always.