The therapy

Magnetotherapy is physical and based on the application of specific magnetic fields on the human body.

The magnetic fields carry out an essential function in biological life; just think that the Earth itself is a giant magnet and that many living beings adjust their life according to the variations of the Earth’s magnetism.

Magnetic fields are produced normally in nature, but for therapeutic use they are produced artificially to promote different therapeutic effects.

Magnetotherapy is indicated for treating pain, for reducing inflammation and oedema.  Clinical studies, in addition, have shown that it can be used for treating osteoporosis and regenerating both superficial tissues and fractured bones.

It is used in orthopaedics, sports medicine, physiotherapy and by professionals who use this instrumental physical therapy in different specialist branches.

Given its therapeutic effects, it can be used alone or in combination with other therapy techniques.

A low intensity and low frequency magnetic field alone is not used, but a set of several factors that optimise both the application method and the therapeutic results:

  • Choice of the magnetic field and the wave shape.
  • Application method, contact or targeted and general or total.
  • Different applicators.
  • Manual or automatic treatment method.
  • Equipment with different methods for transferring the magnetic field to the tissues.

The therapeutic expectations can be briefly indicated as follows:

  • Non-abrasive and painless treatment
  • Contracture relieving and relaxing effect on the muscles
  • Antalgic, anti-inflammatory and draining effect
  • Tissue repair, even deep.