Intense, deep, safe. Unique.

Hilterapia® is the efficient answer to a therapeutic problem that did not have a solution until just some time ago: how to reach deep tissues safely, without causing thermal damage to the patient?

Many overload, traumatic or degenerative pathologies, such as arthrosis, involve bones, muscles, tendons and articular structures that are deeply located. In order to reach these structures with a laser impulse, very high energetic doses are necessary (the energy in fact weakens in an exponential manner as light “descends”). High energetic doses, however, generate heat that can damage surface tissues.

The solution to this limit was born after long, scrupulous scientific research, integrated by years and years of lasertherapy experience.

The result was the laser impulse named HILT® (High Intensity Laser Therapy) used for Hilterapia® that gives an efficient and completely safe deep therapeutic action. The HILT® impulse was licensed in 2003 in the US. Devices that use it have been cleared by FDA from 2005.

Hilterapia® reaches extremely high peak powers (1-3 kW) with an Nd:YAG pulsed source. The high intensity obtained (up to 15,000 W/cm2), unreachable by other currently available laser techniques, makes it possible to cure also deep chronic injuries efficiently.

A fundamental distinguishing characteristic of the HILT® impulse is its ability to produce a high thermal gradient with a photo mechanical effect. In fact, the entity of these effects is directly proportional to the laser emission intensity and inversely proportional to impulse.
Thanks to the short impulse length and the very high intensity, Hilterapia® possesses the ideal characteristics to generate this phenomenon, which can produce important therapeutic effects.
It is well-known that these kinds of stimuli trigger a series of biological signals that contribute to the tissue mending and regeneration processes; moreover, it activates lymphatic drainage and microcirculation.

Indeed, the HILT® impulse does not come from the mere concept of laser power, but it comes instead from a combination of integrated factors: the vertical supply of energy, which guarantees a deep and instantaneous therapeutic action; the choice of an appropriate wavelength, which optimizes laser-tissue interaction; energetic cession modality, which prefers intensity rather than power; the definition of specific therapeutic protocols, divided into different phases, with local or general actions for pain, oedema, haematoma and DJD (degenerative joint disease) or osteo-arthrosis;  the use of specific handpieces that transfer energy to tissues, muscles and joints.

The aim of Hilterapia® is to treat painful pathologies in the osteo-muscle-tendinous apparatus, from those on the surface to the deeper ones; the intensity and energetic impact of the HILT® impulse have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anoendemous effects that support tissue recovery and regeneration.

To overtake power lasetherapy limits.