Tendinitis treatment has the aim to control pain and reduce inflammation in order to permit an activity recovery; if symptoms are moderate, rest, ice and anti inflammatory medicines can be sufficient.

In order to reduce the inflammation of the tendons, cortisone infiltration can be useful. The latter cannot be too frequently used because cortisone may cause a weakening of the tendons.

The best rehabilitative approach is the one that forbids those activities which cause pain, is based on exercises which reinforce the muscle and on massages and stretching which stimulate the collagen matrix reshaping.

Several studies have employed Laser therapy, and in particular Hilterapia® , for tendinitis treatment. One example is for treating the patella tendonitis where it proved to be more effective than low energy laser, while other studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in treating patients presenting problems at the shoulder, patients affected by epicondylitis and tendinitis in other body parts.

Besides ensuring a fast analgesic effect, this therapy allows a more rapid recovery and an earlier resumption of the sport activity. The bio stimulating activity which characterizes Lasertherapy and in particular Hilterapia® , helps the collagen reshaping process and consequently the reconstruction of a healthy tendon.