Temporo mandibular disorders

Temporo-mandibular joint is a complex joint  which owes its balance of many factors. The term "temporo-mandibular joint disorder" means generally a dysfunction of the joint with neuromuscular pain in the head and neck area.

Treatment concerns both  the specific structural alterations (orthodontic treatments) and  its  repercussions on myofascial  chains of the connected districts (rehabilitative treatment).Treatment plan of TMJ disorders is therefore made by the synergy of multiple interventions:

  1. Analgesic and muscle relaxants in the acute phase
  2. Orthodontic and dental  treatment
  3. Rehabilitation treatment:  rehabilitation of mandibular mobility and posture,  associated with  pain management  methods, such as MLS® Laser Therapy, magnetotherapy, TENS  on the painful areas, and treatment of muscle trigger points. Acupuncture and chiropractic may be useful.