The importance of continuous education.

Continuous education is a process that involves the whole company and it is a direct result of research, the indications of which are translated in real time.  For us, it has a fundamental strategic value because it accompanies the evolution of biomedical technology and constantly improves the therapeutic results.

Through our training platform (on-line e-Learning courses, regional and advanced class courses of Hilterapia® and MLS® Laser Therapy, scientific papers), we recount, analyse and interpret lasertherapy and magnetotherapy development with extremely practical methods that are based on supervision and the collaboration of a team of lecturers made up of doctors and researchers with a recognised scientific background.

E-learning courses, which are custom-made and based on an intuitional interface, make updating practical and easy, and allow users to freely enter the contents.

Class courses (advanced, Master’s and regional Conventions), held by doctors and physiotherapists, are subdivided into theory and practice sessions for a participatory and interactive teaching approach.

Papers on research and clinical studies at scientific conventions and workshops complete the picture of an offer that is coherent with our company philosophy, which shares lasertherapy and magnetotherapy culture.

Teaching uses highly professional didactic material (in-depth study manuals, 3D-image videos, scientific publications) directly produced by ASAlaser experts and researchers.
The teaching platform is completed by an iPad application that integrates our teaching material with video recordings of applicative practices.

“Learning”, “knowing”, “being updated”, and “sharing knowledge”: these are the “good” actions we care most about.