MLS® and issues caused by overuse: the experience of the Clinica Mobile

A reference point for World Championship pilots, the Clinica Mobile is the travelling hospital which assists the motorcycle protagonists directly on the circuit in order to deal with pre and post competition issues. ASAlaser flanks the Physiotherapist team with one of its leading therapies: MLS® Laser Therapy. The therapeutic solution, which is once again available to the Clinic this year, has been confirmed a concrete and speedy aid to deal with issues which commonly affect pilots.
The most common ones? Morgan Bignami, a physiotherapist at the Clinic, tells us. «The main recurring problems in the motorcycling world, excluding trauma, – he explains – are those which are caused by “Overuse”, first and foremost insertional tendinopathy which we treat extensively during race weekends. In order to manage the triggering factors such as neovascularisation, across the board and at best, by means of anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema stimulation, MLS® is a particularly effective support».

Q. What is the added value of ASAlaser’s therapy in order to achieve results that are functional to the athletes’ requirements?
A. The balance is tipped by the possibility of combining the quality and effectiveness of MLS® with a device which is easy to handle and transport. During those hectic qualifier moments or before the race, pilots often need an “on-the-spot” treatment, capable of providing instant results. By simultaneously exploiting the High Power and LLLT impulses, Laser Therapy provides the right answer for these emergencies. To sum up, MLS® is effective, safe and easy to handle.

Q. One instance during which these features were confirmed as crucial?
A. MLS® has provided a significant contribution to contain or solve an issue on many occasions, one is engraved in my memory as it was particularly significant: during the last MotoGP Championship, one of the pilots, at his home race, complained of a tendon issue at the epicondyle attachment of the left forearm.  The early and combined approach of MLS® functional rehabilitation with manual rehabilitation not only allowed him to race, but to achieve the podium!

Q. A success story, the result of a targeted programme which you surely develop according to each athlete’s characteristics…
A. Customisation is fundamental in order to achieve results, it being understood that in the absence of specific rehabilitation protocols, the practice to date is mainly based on clinical experience. Together with the specialist doctor, we schedule a therapeutic plan which, in most cases, envisages 2/3 sessions of Laser Therapy together with manual rehabilitation, starting on the Thursday.