Spinal disc herniation

A conservative treatment often allows to solve the problem successfully. Avoiding movements and postures that induce pain, taking anti inflammatory medicines and doing physical treatment it is possible to reduce or eliminate the symptoms in 70% of the cases. Generally a satisfying recovery is reachable within a couple of months, during which the herniated portion tends to decrease its volume.

What is important to do is to avoid those activities that increase backache, which does not mean to rest: it is important to keep active in order to reduce rigidity and be healthy. For this reason it is recommended to keep working avoiding heavy loads but doing some reinforcement exercises.

Another useful thing is physical therapy, in particular ultrasound, TENS, laser therapy. The latter has an analgesic, anti inflammatory and anti edematous effect and experimental studies has pointed out its positive effect on nerves trophism.

In particular, the high power pulsed Nd-YAG laser (Hilterapia®) is recommended, thanks to its efficacy that has been recently compared with TENS’s and an anti inflammatory medicine’s efficacy. In this way it has been observed an analogue initial clinic improvement for the three therapies: anyhow, with time (after 45 and 180 days) who had been treated with Hilterapia® was in better condition.

It is useful to take anti inflammatory medicines to ease pain, together with myorelaxing medicines if needed. If these are not sufficient it is possible to resort to cortisone or to medicines that ease pain by controlling the ache pulses transmission along the nerves.

Sometimes, in more serious cases, a couple of days in bed may be necessary. On the other hand it is not recommended to rest for longer periods. Only when symptoms do not improve within six weeks, a surgery may be considered: this consists in removing a fragment of vertebral bone and the herniated material.