ASAlaser: growth begins from research
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ASAlaser: growth begins from research

Research is always at the forefront for ASAlaser, as is confirmed by the investments carried out during the first semester of 2017 which equal 13.1% of the turnover, by the commitment by ASAcampus to new projects and by issue 16 of Energy for Health, which focuses on 4 articles dedicated to MLS® Laser Therapy, including one for the veterinary field. The company is already projected towards 2018, through planning new studies aimed at developing new therapeutic methods and advanced systems in order to improve patients’ quality of life.
ASAlaser: growth begins from research
A new arrival for the MLS® family: the release of Mphi 75 which allows an earlier improvement of symptoms and a lower treatment time thanks to the new 75-Watt peak. The advantages? The management of multiple treatment methods including laser puncture and an ad hoc software for creating, filing and immediately using customised protocols. The certainty? The verified effectiveness of MLS® Laser Therapy.
MLS® range: welcome mphi 75!
In the pool with Hilterapia®: no limits swimming
What do MotoGP pilots, fencers belonging to the Federazione Italiana Scherma (Italian Fencing Federation) and the swimmers who took part in the FINA World Championship have in common? Hilterapia®! All these champions were able to rely on Asalaser’s therapy when preparing for the competition or during the competition itself. This is confirmed by the medical staff of the world swimming championships which took place in Budapest, who used this for example in order to treat athletes suffering from back tension due to muscle disequilibrium because of overloading and damage.
In the pool with Hilterapia®