Scapula humerus periarthritis - Rotator cuff tenosyn

The main treatment targets are easing pain, functional recovering and decreasing muscular contractures.

In order to relieve pain the doctor may prescribe anti inflammatory/analgesic drugs, suggest ice application for 15 minutes every two hours and if needed, he will suggest to go to the orthopedist to have cortisone infiltrations done; anyway for treating this kind of trouble, physiotherapy is surely important. Some weeks of physiotherapy can be extremely useful, even if sometimes it is necessary to go on with the therapies for a couple of months; anyway it is recommended that exercises are repeated over time also at the end of the physiotherapy cycle.

Therapies based on ultrasound are less effective and less lasting. Laser therapy and shock waves are instead recommended in case of calcific periarthritis while their benefit hasn’t been quite verified when there is not calcium deposit. Generally cycles are made of three sessions, each of which is done once a week.
High energy pulsed Nd:YAG laser (Hilterapia®) is particularly indicated in treating periarthritis.

Hilterapia® unlike shock waves is totally painless and it is characterized by a strong analgesic and anti inflammatory effect. The effect on ache is immediate and visible from the very first session. A cycle of ten sessions can be sufficient; another advantage of the sessions is that they are extremely fast (5-10 minutes).

A study, which is still in progress about the comparison between Hilterapia®, shock waves and physiokinesitherapy have demonstrated so far the better efficacy of the first two, in particular Hilterapia® regarding the effect on pain.
It is also suggested a combination of shock waves, Hilterapia® and functional reeducation.

It is clear as, depending on the severity of the lesion and in case of not getting important results from the therapies, surgery may be the needed approach.