A multidisciplinary, stern, ethical research.

The main aspects of research in ASAlaser are: defining new therapeutic protocols and indications that can help create new equipment and new cures, all done by following a multidisciplinary vision; developing innovative and more efficient medical devices; comparing ourselves with the scientific world and other International centres in a systematic and open way.

We wanted to create our own joint laboratory to develop the full circle of research as indicated by scientific standards: design and bibliographical research phases; in vitro, alive and clinical research; result publication in international reviews and therapeutic validation (post market surveillance).

The integration and exchange between basic and applied research are continuous and they respect precise methodological rules.

We try to avoid animal testing and only use it when absolutely necessary, but always in respect of the strictest ethical regulations. We develop alternative methods, however, such as three-dimensional cells culture, with different types of cells to simulate the morphology, composition and behaviour of real tissue.

We do not want research and production to travel on parallel tracks, but to interweave in a constant and harmonious way through openness and absolute respect for the strictest standards, following a shared vision.

We are convinced that true innovation produces solid, verifiable and repeatable results.

In our case, it is about solutions and therapeutic devices that improve the quality of life.