Organizing knowledge.

Authority: to us, it is the key word, especially when talking about research.

First of all, the authority of all those people who are part of our organization chart: professionals, researchers, prestigious technicians.

The authority of our scientific committee which includes specialists of different subjects – biology, physics, engineering and medicine – who lay down guidelines and check the truthfulness of results, following standard processes that are recognized by the International scientific community.

The authority that comes from choosing to invest in ASAcampus development and management – a joint laboratory with premises in ASAlaser and also in the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biological Sciences University of Florence, led by Monica Monici, Antonio Conti and Franco Fusi. The synergy with Florence University  means that ASAcampus can use advanced methods and have access to advanced and updated instruments and software.
The results of the basic research come together in our products, and those results are shared through conventions, partnerships, publications.

Our vision goes beyond the mere realization of biomedical equipment, and defines a new, wider lasertherapy and magnetotherapy concept.