from basic research to the clinic

The ASAcampus joint laboratory, born from the partnership between the ASA Research Division and the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences “Mario Serio” of the University of Florence, is involved in research in “Biology of Physical stress”, focusing on the effect of certain physical factors (gravity, mechanical stresses, light, electromagnetic fields) on the body and their related action mechanisms.
Set up in 2007, it now boasts over 150 scientific studies undertaken under its supervision, whose results are promptly used for progressing in formulating instrumental techniques and therapeutic protocols. In addition, the ASAcampus interdisciplinary group of researchers is involved in national and international research projects supported by prestigious bodies such as the Italian (ASI) and European (ESA) Space Agencies.
Finally, through its scientific magazine Energy for Health, ASAcampus sets itself up as the interface between basic scientific research and clinical studies, disseminating and promoting knowledge in the fields of laser therapy and magnetotherapy.
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