Knowing and knowing how to do.

“We do research” is an expression that we like very much, and that we recognize as our own, because it sums up two concepts we consider fundamental: doing, namely the solidity of a company that produces all its own medical equipment, and laboratory activity; the free, open, ethical, activity of constant experimentation, that aims at developing and sharing knowledge and that blends scientific rigour with production needs.

Research is our guide – and our guardian. Production is our identity.
While the latter respects current rules and quality standards that are recognised by the world market, the former follows criteria inspired by openness and scientific correctness.

Repeatable, safe, sure results come from the indissoluble interconnection between these two cores, and give birth to our therapeutic solutions.

This is all possible thanks to the leadership of internationally recognised authoritative personalities of the Scientific Committee and thanks to the availability of our integrated laboratories that work alongside Universities and Research Institutes. ASAcampus joint laboratory, created from the synergy between ASAlaser and Florence University, is the solid proof of our responsible and simultaneously innovative vision.

Going beyond what is merely necessary has always been our free choice. One we are truly convinced of.