Piter.tv: Hilterapia® as a new method to treat the bone-muscle-joint apparatus


Piter.tv, a Russian broadcaster, analyses the latest-generation rehabilitation instruments in this article. Hilterapia® is also included among these: it is in fact employed in treating deep tissue pathological processes caused by injury and physical effort which generate problems to the bone-muscle-joint apparatus. The video in fact states that: “Physiotherapy technology has greatly developed during recent years. This technology is based on the classical effects of physiotherapy: electric, magnetic, laser action etc. Employing the effects with the right combination allows obtaining therapeutic results which are more positive and speeding up the rehabilitation process. Hilterapia® is a unique laser therapy technology for treating deep tissue pathological processes caused by traumas and heavy physical activity and is useful for treating musculoskeletal issues. This device is a high-intensity IR laser which is excellent for treating sports traumas and joint traumatic pathologies and those which are age-related."

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