Veterinary: the new frontier of laser therapy


The rapid evolution of veterinary medicine in the last decade, thanks to the introduction of new technologies that have changed diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, led ASAlaser to look with interest to the sector, exploring the application of one of its best treatment  - MLS® Laser Therapy -  to solve common illnesses in pets, horses and exotic species. From research the feasibility of this project, in 2010 ASAlaser developed the veterinary division ASAvet which aims to provide veterinarians innovative therapeutic solutions, contributing to the achievement of new goals in technology and scientific research. Leading a study group composed of professionals and professors of the veterinary field that aim to develop clinical studies focused on the use of MLS® Laser Therapy in the treatment of specific diseases encountered in daily veterinarian practice, ASAvet collaborates in “Clinical Research activities” with the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, University of Padua. The veterinary division of ASAlaser has also an active role in the activities of veterinary associations, as confirmed the close partnerships with the Study Group of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of SCIVAC (Italian Cultural Society for Companion Animal Veterinarians), SIVAE (Italian Society of Exotic Animals) and SIFIRVET (Italian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Veterinary). << The effectiveness of the application of MLS® Laser Therapy in the resolution of common diseases among pet - explained Lucio Zaghetto, CEO of ASAlaser - is evidenced by the success achieved in the countries of Northern Europe and in the USA, where the devices for the application of our therapy are distributed by Cutting Edge, the largest U.S. company dedicated to the distribution of laser technology>>.


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