USA: feedback on the use of MLS® at the Bioresearch Annual Conference


The traditional annual event organised by Bioresearch at the Milwaukee University Campus "The Marquette" in Wisconsin from 10th to 15th July, presented the latest innovations in the dental industry concerning Temporomandibular Joint Disorders. During the conference, which gathered about 150 specialists who attended in order to listen to internationally renowned speakers, Doctor Michael A. Smith and Doctors Ed & Lynn Lipskis, users of MLS® Laser Therapy equipment, dedicated ample space to our treatments, suggesting these as an integral part of the therapeutic plan both for facial and for dental issues. Lucio Zaghetto, the ASAlaser Scientific and Educational Director, was the reference point during the laser session of the Mentor Appointments, B2B meetings with participating dentists. "All this," stated Zaghetto "is the result of the quality and the ability of our lasers to provide tangible results even in this specialist field. It was a great pleasure for me to be able to exchange experiences with our customers, many of whom have purchased more than one device over time, so significant were the results they achieved with MLS® Laser Therapy".

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