University and ASAlaser joined for scientific research



ASAlaser and Department of Clinical Physiopathology, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Florence signed an important partnership, materialized by the creation of a joint laboratory for the development of activities of study, research and training in the biomedical field. The responsibility of the Laboratory, based on the premises of the Section of Medical Physics Department of Clinical Physiopathology of the University of Florence and in the laboratory of research and development for the experiments and measurements of researchers ASAlaser, is Prof. Antonio Conti, assisted by Prof. Franco Fusi, by Dr. Giovanni Romano and Dr. Francesca Cialdai. Dr. Monica Monici will be responsible for ASAlaser, while Ing. Giuseppe Forestan will be dedicated to providing the development of delivery devices and measurement.  Satisfied Lucio Zaghetto, CEO of ASAlaser:<<This agreement represents the natural evolution of a relationship going on for over a year between University of Florence and our society. Activities were concentrated in the field of biology and physical stress and were characterized by moments of discussion, exchange of experience and transfer of technology. From these meetings clearly emerged the need to establish a Joint Laboratory that is now a reality >>​​.

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