Thailand backs Hilterapia® devices


Increasingly close-knit ties between ASAlaser and Thailand, thanks to a full schedule of training meetings focusing on Hilterapia®, organised in some of the country’s most important points of reference, such as the Mahidol University and the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok. Physiotherapists and doctors from both facilities, which have progressively included the company’s flagship therapies (MLS® Laser Therapy and Hilterapia®) in their Rehabilitation Departments, were also able to attend targeted training paths in the ASA Headquarters, improving their knowledge of the therapeutic solutions. “This was clear during the seminar held at the Siriraj Hospital: the introductory speech – explains Giacomo Granozio, the ASAlaser Area Manager – was in fact held by Prof. Pradit Prateepavanich, author of the book "Myofascial Pain Syndrome" in which he reports his clinical experience with Hiro 3.0 and M6, whilst the hands-on session was held by Salvatore Germano, the Hilterapia® Master Trainer, and by Doctor Chakarg Pongurgsorn. A member of the faculty of medicine in the same hospital and a specialist in Sports Medicine, the doctor has held several speeches concerning our therapy in other meetings. Their contribution provides tangible proof of the effectiveness of our courses, constantly articulated over a theoretical session and a practical one, in order to provide complete and functional information for the professionals’ daily requirements”. The two Thai seminars also followed this methodology, flanking a theoretical section focusing on customising treatment according to the single clinical case with a practical one with real-life patients. Specifically, at the Mahidol University the patient was a Badminton player who has been suffering from a contracture to the trapezius muscle and to the levator scapulae muscle in addition to plantar fasciitis, for six years, whilst at the Siriraj Hospital, Hilterapia® was employed on 3 patients respectively suffering from Baker’s cyst, Frozen Shoulder and Tendinosis of the Supraspinatus and long head of the biceps. “Training represents a valuable item for ASAlaser, which is why we constantly work to develop new training modules to answer the needs of our customers. Courses held in prestigious facilities such as these allow us to gather important input information in order to elaborate renewed proposals, integrated by the new information”. The Thai mission was also complemented by a further training meeting in Chiang Mai, where some members of the same-named hospital, which recently adopted Hiro 3.0, attended a workshop on Hilterapia®.

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