Taiwan: ad hoc seminars for Hilterapia®


The objectives of the seminars organised by ASAlaser, in collaboration with the Taiwanese partner Gaia Genomics, in Taichung (13 January at the Taichung Rehabilitation Association) and in Taipei (14 January, local partner’s facilities), aim to allow a correct knowledge of Hilterapia®, understanding its uses and therapeutic benefits. Implemented in collaboration with industry associations and focusing on rehabilitation and physiotherapy physicians and professionals, the meetings not only provided a technical-scientific overview of the therapy, allowing an understanding of its specific nature in relation to others on the market, but also enabled verifying the practical aspect thanks to the cases reported by local professionals. "In Taipei - explains Giacomo Granozio, ASAlaser’s Area Manager - we were able to rely on the contribution by a physiotherapist from the National Cheng Kung University Hospital with whom our Clinical Department is carrying out some "on site" research. His speech was divided into two phases which allowed participants to tangibly understand the uses and effectiveness of Hilterapia®: in addition to sharing his personal clinical experience and to reporting the first results of the research being carried out, the physiotherapist also showed some successfully treated recent cases, followed by a stimulating discussion and comparison. The technical/scientific approach together with the practical field experience proved to be successful both for correctly conveying the therapy and for establishing relationships based on trust".

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