Taiwan: a stage for Hilterapia®


Approximately 250 people attended the introductory seminar dedicated to Hilterapia® organised by the National Federation of Associations of Physical Therapists in the Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taiwan on 28th April. The meeting, during which Gaia Genomics (ASAlaser’s local partner for the Human division) also played a leading role, enabled participants to analyse in-depth both the theoretical aspects of the therapy, entrusted to the results shown by some selected clinical cases, and the practical aspects, by treating patients suffering from lumbago caused by postural overload and from tendinitis to the semitendinosus muscle. “After having verified the positive outcome of the Hilterapia® application –explains Giacomo Granozio, the ASAlaser Area Manager– the self-same Chairman of the Federation, Cheng-Hung Fan, decided to test it in order to treat the De Quervain Syndrome, of which he is a sufferer. At the end of the seminar, there were also many requests by other specialists to try out the treatment, A further signal of the value recognised to our therapy was the invitation we received from the Federation’s Honorary President, Jeng-Feng Yang, to visit the rehabilitation department of the Mackay Hospital, where our therapeutic solution was employed to deal with a case of coxarthrosis and lumbar sciatica”. Hilterapia® also gained great interest from industry professionals the following day during a workshop which mainly addressed orthopaedic specialists, held in the Gaia Genomics headquarters. Thanks to three speeches by Doctor Lin from the Yiher Hospital, Doctor Wesley Chen from the Purple Sun Clinic and Salvatore Germano (Master Trainer Hilterapia®), those attending were able to glean a theoretical overview, backed by a hands-on session with two patients, one suffering from lumbar arthrosis and the other from a contracture to the gastrocnemius muscle. “We are very pleased with the feedback received directly in the field. The organisers’ request to dedicate some explanatory moments to Hilterapia® in parallel with the Federation’s annual conference schedule also proved to be a winning one, thanks to the professionals’ participation and interaction”.

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