Specialist Centres: Hilterapia®
excellence and professionalism

It is the first initiative of this level that was created in Italy and that has spread into other countries: there are more than 500 centres of excellence for curing pain pathologies, recognised by a common name, and the number is growing continually.  Prepared and updated professionals, who have studied in-depth and understood the technological and therapy differences in the devices present on today’s world market, use Hilterapia® in these centres. Only the high quality of the pulsed Nd:YAG HILT® impulse (High Intensity Laser Therapy) makes it possible to transport high doses of energy in-depth without creating any danger to the patient, a unique characteristic of this patented device that cannot be copied.

One difference is the additional value it can add to your activity, a distinctive mark that guides and reassures patients towards structures that can offer targeted and efficient answers, the proof of a choice of excellence.

The benefits offered to Hilterapia® Specialist Centres:

  • MORE PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS with the continuous and constant 4-level training courses even with e-learning, the possibility of taking part in research projects and clinical studies with the publication of your work.
  • MORE SUCCESS because  patients are satisfied with the results obtained from Hilterapia®, where a single, effective device can be used for multiple pathologies.
  • MORE VISIBILITY thanks to the identification and information supports for patients, the promotion of Hilterapia®  in the media through the Web and social networks.


Integrating an area dedicated to Hilterapia® in your centre or clinic is a winning choice for professionals, and for your patients too.


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