Rotator cuff tendinopathy: MLS® and Hilterapia® the tops


Swimming, motorcycling, but also volleyball and basketball, are sports that peak during the summer season, thanks to the possibility of playing outside. Although these physical activities act in a positive manner on physical and psychological well-being, they can also have a “painful” outcome.

An excessive workout or overloading the anatomical structures involved in the athletic movements can give rise to a series of issues which primarily involve the shoulders, the predestined victims of trauma or degenerative problems. First and foremost, the tendinopathy of the rotator cuff, an issue which in addition to having to deal with high pain levels, muscle contractures and a limited functionality, also has a significant impact on the daily activities of sufferers.

In order to recover full the functionality of the joint and to forget the pain quickly, Hilterapia® and MLS® Laser Therapy have confirmed their value through a vast range of case histories.

The experiences of doctors and physiotherapists

Credit to the two therapies for the effective treatment of tendinopathy of the rotor cuff is also provided by the experiences in the field of doctors and physiotherapists.

Doctor David Rosso Vargas, an esteemed Bolivian doctor who has chosen the ASAlaser therapies in his daily practice for treating different sports, states in fact that

“Tendinopathy of the rotor cuff is a generally complex issue to tackle. However, Hilterapia® and MLS® manage to provide fast and effective results whose quality is superior compared with classic therapies”.

On the same wavelength there is also Christian Giometti, the physiotherapist for the Clinica Mobile around the world:

“During race weekends – explains the primary contact of the “travelling hospital” who is in the frontline for treating drivers taking part in the Motorbike World Championship – we tackle issues concerning rotator cuffs following trauma or overloading which generate chronic tendinitis in this area. Thanks to the high power generated in total safety and extremely precisely, Hilterapia® and MLS® are crucial in order to lessen and manage the pain of Motorbike World Championship drivers”.

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