MLS® Laser Therapy: major awards from Key opinion leaders


"The visit was very productive and the hospitality was outstanding. It was truly "ASA Style." Commented Dr. Mark Mollenkopf, president of Cutting Edge Laser Technologies, training organized by ASAlaser in the spaces ASAcampus and destined to some key opinion leaders of the American "Canine Rehabilitation Institute" (Dr. Janet B. Van Dyke, Dr. . Kristin A. Kirkby, Dr. Laurie McCauley and dr. H. Steven Steinberg). The training focused on the MLS® Laser Therapy in veterinary detailed mechanisms of action, in the results of research carried out in application, has also allowed us to explore the path that led to the development of therapy, the technology patent and the cleared by the FDA in the United States and further research in the area dedicated to the use of MLS® Laser Therapy in other areas of medicine. << This meeting - said Lucio Zaghetto, CEO of ASAlaser - has been an undoubted success for ASAlaser as well as an opportunity to strengthen relations with our American partners of Cutting Edge and create proactive with the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. Also important for us to stress that this meeting is part of ASAlaser futuristic projects that, already engaged in extensive research, is interested and will endeavor to deepen the "Science Behind" MLS® Laser Therapy >>.


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