MEDICA 2018: ASAlaser presents MiS


ASAlaser’s attendance at the 2018 edition of “Medica” (12/15 November, Düsseldorf) is marked by innovation. At the International Trade Fair for Hospital and Medical Technology in fact, the company presents its new-born device MiS – MLS® High Peak Pulse, the perfect synthesis between the synchronised action of the MLS® impulse and the pulsed power of Hilterapia® which reaches peak powers around a kW in the new device.
This makes it the starting point for the development of a new generation of therapeutic devices “made in” ASAlaser.

“Where in 2017 we presented our “TT” solution on the international stage of the Fair – comments Roberto Marchesini, ASAlaser Managing Director – in 2018 we are showcasing MiS, the top expression of our evolution and the achievement of a path which began over 10 years ago with MLS® followed by HILT®: to pursue the patient’s well-being and, in parallel, to enhance the therapist’s professionalism. This device represents a turning point for our company: the scientific studies carried out have in fact highlighted that its features generate therapeutic effects hitherto hardly described in the field of laser therapy, capable of broadening the application potential towards pathologies with a high social impact such as peripheral neuropathies. A valuable starting point to open up new routes for fostering increasingly efficient levels of care”.

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