Master Hilterapia®: top training in Veneto


22nd September and 20th October: these are the two dates on which ASAlaser hosted the “Master Hilterapia®”, the final stage of a training course intended not only towards understanding the therapy, but above all to fine-tuning the best approach for its application.
Addressed to a restricted number of physiotherapists who had undertaken the whole training process, the Master allowed analysing in-depth upper and lower limb issues, encouraging a global treatment approach.

“The physiotherapists who take part in this final training session - explains Alberto Zaghetto, the ASAlaser training coordinator and Hilterapia® master trainer – already know both the therapy and the ASAlaser devices well, and wish to receive additional information in order to fine-tune their knowledge. During this stage, we encourage application of the “global approach”, a method which stems from ASA research and which reduces pain from the first session, enabling a fast recovery by simultaneously treating both the pathology area and the related areas. A method which has concretely proved its evident beneficial action on inflammation and its consequent problems, allowing to unblock and solve all those bio-mechanical dysfunctions which movement difficulties are based on and which lower the patient’s quality of life”.

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