Lille: the first Advanced MLS® course is ready to go


Asalaser’s internationalisation strategy is also achieved through training. A tangible example of this is given by the first Advanced MLS® course which was held on 7th February in the headquarters of Axone, our French partner, in Lille. Addressed to physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists, the meeting was structured in a theoretical section focusing on the basic principles of laser therapy, with a specific in-depth analysis of MLS® - from application methods to therapeutic protocols, via specific clinical cases – and in a practical one. “Using the Mphi Trolley, Mphi 5 and M6 devices – states Roberto Terruzzi, the ASAlaser Senior Area Manager – some treatments were carried out on real patients in order to tangibly demonstrate the simplicity of applying the therapy and the swiftness of results. The feedback obtained from the participants confirms the effectiveness of our training approach and the value of MLS®. Additional feedback will be provided by our participation in the third edition of AXONEXPO, an unmissable event for physiotherapists in the North of France, which is scheduled on 23rd and 24th March”.

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