Interview with Dr. Venieris: "Hilterapia® and Grimaldi method"


Dr. Antonis N. Venieris, greek luminary in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation field and advocate of Grimaldi method - physiotherapy methodology based on muscle kinematic shortening and on tensile stress mainly used in the rehabilitation of people affected by stroke editor's note - thanks to Hiro 3.0 and Hilterapia®, re-evaluates the effectiveness of laser therapy making it an essential support for a "dynamic" approach in patient treatment. «Grimaldi method - explains Dr. Venieris – from 1985 to 2008 has defined my approach to rehabilitation: the results obtained by applying it were so positive in neuro rehabilitation, especially in cerebral stroke cases, to convince me to use it to treat the majority of neurological cases. To face up to related but secondary issues as retractions, limitations joint or muscle weakness, I always used classical methods learned during my studies at "La Sapienza" in Rome». The turning point comes in 2009, when Venieris holds the position of Special Scientific Consultant and Scientific Coordinator of 22 therapists in Filoktitis, among the most structured rehabilitation center of Greece with the availability of Hilterapia®. »In Filoktitis, I took care not only to organize and monitor the operation of all physiotherapy departments, but also to introduce and teach new neurological rehabilitation methods. In everyday practice, I had the opportunity to evaluated a structured neurological and orthopedic casuistry , in which Hilterapia® was providential. I was fascinated to see concretely how Hiro 3.0 would provide visible results from the first application leading to a rapid pain recession. It was love at first sight, as had happened in the past with Grimaldi method». Take advantage of the two techniques to maximize the effects was the next step, merged in achieving significant results. «If for pathologies related to orthopedic field I entrust to the impulse Hilt® - says the Doctor - for neurological ones resorted to the exercises of Grimaldi method. An optimal synergy that I borrowed in my rehabilitation center opened in Athens in 2011: Hiro 3.0 was my first purchase that allowed me to continue by the combination of the two techniques. Hilterapia® gives me the chance to treat most of the problems arising from the peripheral nervous system, such as pain, muscle twitching, chronic articular limitations and edema, consequently also the subsequent therapeutic maneuvers of Grimaldi method are most effective». The combination between the two methods is therefore winning. «Surely the way to go is still long - concludes Venieris - but the experience gathered over the years leads me to see in this combination a great hope for the future of rehabilitation».

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