HIRO TT: the research confirms its effectiveness


"Dual and parallel action" is not just a slogan for HIRO TT, but the trait which characterises its uniqueness, contributing to make it a highly effective therapeutic strategy for treating painful pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. Based on the principle of thermal exchange, which allows an early intervention even for the most acute pathologies, by combining the pulsed Nd:YAG laser source to a cooling system which lowers the temperature of the skin and of the underlying tissues (SmartCooler), HIRO TT offers significant and long-lasting therapeutic results without having to compromise on safety.

The scientific research

This is confirmed by the 100 patients chosen as a panel for a scientific research - “Pulsed Nd:YAG laser and thermal exchange: a new therapeutic strategy in pain manegement. Experience on 100 patients” (S. Germano, D. Broglia, F. Salvò, E. Firpo, M. Mezzalira) - aimed at evaluating the effect of the "made in ASA" therapeutic strategy on neuromuscular and bone or joint disorders. Published in the seventeenth edition of Energy For Health, the study evaluated the results of applying HIRO TT for some specific issues (trauma, oedema, contractures, tendinopathies, arthritis and joint diseases) taking into consideration two parameters: the VAS scale and the functional changes.

After having submitted a sample of patients to ultrasound and to magnetic resonance imaging before and after treatment, the clinical evidence has in fact shown that its application in physiotherapy and pain management provides an evident pain reduction and promising preliminary results in terms of oedema and decrease in inflammation.

Results which are the outcome of the use of the SmartCooler, which enables making the most of the HILT® pulse, allowing to convey more photons faster and more in depth. All this whilst providing comfort to the patient during treatment even for the most acute pathologies and very sensitive subjects.

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