Hilterapia® for treating plantar fasciitis and musculoskeletal pain: 2 researches


To evaluate the effectiveness of Hilterapia® combined with the use of a silicone insole in order to treat plantar fasciitis. This is the focus of the research “Efficacy of High-Intensity Laser Therapy and Silicone Insole in Plantar Fasciitis” which involved 52 patients, 25 of whom underwent the ASAlaser treatment combined with the insole and 27 the use of the latter on its own. Keeping the VAS, FAOS and HTI scales as assessment parameters, prior to treatment and one month after the cycle of treatments ended, it was assessed that although both groups had improved, the one which received Hilterapia® with the addition of the insole had recovered most.

The therapeutic solution whose Hilt® impulse constitutes the valuable factor was also effective for other pathologies, including musculoskeletal disorders. The study “Effectiveness of high-intensity laser therapy in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders” underlines in fact that the ASA-created therapeutic solution applied to issues which concern different body districts (back, neck, shoulder, arm/hand), enables pain reduction and increases functional ability.

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