Hilterapia® takes the stage in Turkey


The Guven Hospital in Ankara is chosen as the stage for an institutional presentation of Hilterapia® to Turkish doctors and specialists from the rehabilitation sector. Sixty-five people were present at the meeting and, in addition to attending a theoretical session explaining the basic principles of laser therapy and the specific characteristics of the ASAlaser therapy, were also able to test both its effectiveness thanks to a series of case histories and the simplicity of its application. Volunteer patients were in fact treated with Hilterapia®, thereby providing confirmation of the immediacy of its beneficial effects. “The course – explains Giacomo Tomoli, ASAlaser’s Area Manager – organised together with ELSA, our local distributor, aroused great interest: in fact, many questions were asked. However, attention was particularly catalysed by the hands-on session: being able to concretely verify the application method and the speed of the obtainable results is the best advertisement for the therapy”. The Ankara event was just one of the initiatives organised by ASAlaser during a mission to Turkey, aimed at facilitating the spread of the laser therapy culture.

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