Hilterapia® supporting the Kung Fu celebrity Hong Jinbao


Hong Jinbao, the actor-symbol of Chinese cinema dedicated to martial arts flew to Taiwan to be treated with Hilterapia® in order to solve chronic knee pain. A long-time sufferer of pain to the joint, thanks to the results obtained with Hiro 3.0 sessions, the Kung Fu legend was able to forget his physical suffering after just a few sessions.

An excellent result for ASAlaser’s therapy which therefore confirms its effectiveness in also solving chronic conditions. As the news concerned an internationally renowned actor, along the lines of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, it spread from one continent to another through social networks.

“We can but thank our local partners, Gaia Genomics, for their contribution to this success: we are honoured to have helped the recovery of an actor who has shaped international filmography. This new case therefore confirms Hilterapia®’s capacity to stimulate reparative and regenerative processes. It is in fact possible to note an evident reduction in pain, oedema and inflammation and an improvement in joint function, including for chronic-degenerative conditions, right from the first session” explains Giacomo Granozio, ASAlaser’s Area Manager.

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