Hilterapia® in Spain

Launching Hilterapia® on the Spanish market represented one of the 2017 objectives of ASAlaser which has always been attentive to the Iberian market. The project, which involved the development of a series of activities and meetings resulting from the collaboration with the local partner Enraf Nonius Iberica Prim, has ended its first year with a positive sign. This is not only confirmed by the significant number of devices sold, but also by the organisation of the first theoretical and practical Hilterapia® Tutorial course, intended for a first group of physiotherapists who have chosen to equip their clinics with the Hiro 3.0 device. "The course - explains Roberto Terruzzi, the senior ASAlaser Area Manager - held in our premises has allowed all participants to concretely verify the benefits of the therapy and the strengths of one of the devices that best represents us: Hiro 3.0. The practical session, whose range of case studies was comprehensive and full of ideas and interactions, was particularly appreciated".

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