Hilterapia® at the 2nd conference on lower back pain in Wien


“Lower Back Pain”: this is the theme of the conference "Fachtag Kreuzschmerz" (1 December - Eagle HomeOne, Wien) organised by the head of the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of the Wien University Hospital (Dr Michael Quittan). Hilterapia® has carved out a leading role in the program of the meeting through two intervention opportunities: a theoretical one, with a speech held by Dr Tamara Viliani of ASAcampus who analysed in-depth the use and the action of ASA therapy in the treatment of back pain, and a practical-clinical one. In fact, through the direct experience of a physiotherapist who has long been a user of the company's top-performing therapeutic solutions (MLS®, Hilterapia® and Magneto Qs), the participants were able to obtain not only a complete overview of the effects of Hilterapia®, but also to tangibly verify its application on a real patient. The congress participants were also able to examine in depth the use of Hiro 3.0, verifying its simplicity and intuitiveness. "The preparatory activity carried out by Drott, our partner in Austria, together with the support provided in the field by our staff - specifies Roberto Terruzzi, senior ASAlaser Area Manager - have allowed achieving the best results both in terms of understanding the therapy and of the interest and involvement of those present".

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