Further validation for ASAlaser from the Iranian market


Artiman, ASAlaser’s distributor for Iran, has organised the following activities from 23rd to 25th May: three days of meetings with customers from prestigious Iranian clinics, educational training sessions and attendance at one of the most important national events, the Annual Iranian Physiotherapy Association Congress.   

On 23rd May, Salvatore Giordano, Master Trainer, together with Doctor Ali Panahi, Clinical Trainer and a user of the ASAlaser SH1 and Mphi systems, visited one of the two Teheran centres where he works in order to analyse in depth the use of the Hilterapia® therapy protocols and to jointly treat around ten patients.

The following day the Annual Iranian Physiotherapy Association Congress, the most important event for Iranian physiotherapists which has how reached its 28th edition, took place. Artiman attended the event held at the Olympic Hotel in Teheran with an own exhibition area which highlighted the PMT QS systems for Magnetotherapy and the MLS®, M6 and Mphi5 Laser Therapy devices. Ali Madani, owner of Artiman, reported: “There was a great turnout of visitors throughout the day, we made many new contacts and the dedicated APP aroused a great deal of interest!”. “A success – reiterated Roberto Terruzzi, Senior Area Manager, who was present at the Congress – which confirms that Artiman is recognised as a major player in the field.”

The day ended even more positively with the visit to three hospital centres which employ ASAlaser therapeutic solutions: the Behnam Clinic which has M6 and Hiro 3.0 systems, the Rantan Physio Club Clinic equipped with an M6 and the Doctor Heidarian Clinic, specialising in Orthopaedic Surgery, which has a Hiro 3.0 device.    

Two workshops were scheduled for the third and final day of the visit to Iran at the Physiotherapy department of the Modares University Hospital, addressed to around seventy Physical Medicine Doctors invited by Doctor Raeis Sadat, Vice President of the Physical Medicine Association. Salvatore Germano first gave an overview of the ASAlaser situation and of its scientific activities, followed by the characteristics of MLS® Laser Therapy and Hilterapia® and concluded by presenting clinical cases.

The excellent results from the visit to Iran confirm the validity, innovation and scientific bases of ASAlaser’s know-how and therapeutic solutions. – commented Roberto Terruzzi -  To this we must add the professionality of Salvatore Germano, who always provides an excellent contribution thanks to his solid experience.”

Satisfaction was also expressed by Ali Madani e Leila Yousef Navahsi, owners of Artiman: “we would like to express our gratitude for your visit. It was both enjoyable and highly informative”.

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