Energy for Health
a scientific magazine and a space for sharing and discussion

Supporting the diffusion of scientific knowledge and contributing to the cultural promotion of laser therapy and magnetotherapy: these are the objectives which have led to the birth of Energy for Health, the ASAcampus (a shared workshop born from the synergy between ASAlaser and the University of Florence) scientific magazine which focuses on publishing the results of basic research and clinical studies carried out by internationally renowned researchers, doctors and specialists both in Italy and abroad. Founded in 2007, the publication represents one of ASAlaser’s initiatives in order to highlight Research, the basis of its ethical growth and development.

Energy for Health, the direct evidence of the company’s commitment to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience, is a space for sharing and discussion which counts on articles carefully selected through a peer to peer process in order to guarantee the highest quality to the published articles.

Monica Monici, Manager of ASAcampus and the magazine’s executive editor, explains: <<A piece submitted to us is assigned to one of the members of the Editorial Committee (editor) who evaluates its congruency with the magazine’s objectives, and should this be positive, sends it to scientific experts. These are charged with evaluating its contents and forwarding their comments to the editor, who then decides whether to publish the work as it stands, to ask the authors for corrections or changes, or whether it should be refused as not suitable for the magazine>>. The magazine is sent to over 80 countries worldwide with a print run of 6000 copies, and is also distributed free of charge during the ASAlaser training courses and conventions, and conveyed to those issuing an on-line request.



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