Energy for Health 18: MLS® is effective in vet and human pathologies


The use of MLS® therapy in different fields of human and veterinary medicine: this is the focus provided by issue 18 of Energy for Health. Where for the Vet division the study published in the scientific magazine edited by ASAcampus assesses the effectiveness of Laser Therapy for treating canine pyoderma, for the “Human” division it analyses 3 issues. The first reports the clinical effects of MLS® in dental implant operations for postmenopausal women, highlighting the therapy’s effectiveness in managing pain and the fewer complications recorded during laser-treated implants, whilst the second analyses its use when treating attention deficit in patients suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The treatise shows how an improvement in the symptoms is recorded after 10 laser treatments. Finally, the last article focuses on the use of the ASAlaser therapeutic solution for managing lower back pain.

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