Egypt: MLS® at the forefront


An important occasion to analyse the use of MLS® Laser Therapy, the 19th edition of the International Scientific Conference by the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the Cairo University (22/23 March- Hotel Pyramiza, ICairo) also gave ASAlaser the opportunity to meet both doctors interested in acquiring details concerning use of the therapy and specialists who have been using its therapeutic solutions for some time. “Thanks to our local partner LMC – explains Giacomo Tomoli, the ASAlaser Area Manager – we showcased our M6 device during one of the main events organised by the Cairo University dedicated to physical therapy. The device is already being used by several Egyptian specialists attending the Congress, who shared their satisfaction with us. Where MLS® has in fact improved the quality of their work thanks to its effectiveness, with positive repercussions on patients’ loyalty, the device has streamlined their activity thanks to the ease of use of the robotic head and to the rapid treatment application”.

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