Dainese ARchivio (DAR) opens up to ASA’s 2019 Italy Sales Meeting


A non-conventional context with a high impact – the DAR (Dainese ARchivio) – and a leading corporate meeting: these are the features which defined ASA’s 2019 Italy Sales Meeting, assembling the sales network in order to notify the 2018 results and to outline the short and medium-term guidelines.

“The choice of venue – explains Carlo Marchesini, ASA’s Market Development Manager – was not a random one, as it wishes to convey security and adrenaline within a clearly defined entrepreneurial vision”.
A vision which for both companies speaks the language of internationalisation, research and development for future years.

The day’s schedule was packed, flanking moments of discussion concerning the activities and results obtained, both at a national and international level, with analyses of the moments which most marked ASA’s history, highlighting the elements in common with Dainese – such as the first Paris-Dakar editions, the lengthy partnership with the Mobile Clinic and the collaboration with the European Space Agency.

“The meeting – as Alberto Zaghetto, Training and Sales Manager for Italy, specifies – also enabled us to focus on two devices which have marked an important turning point for our company, the result of an awareness of the new market requirements for flexibility and performance: HIRO TT®, the expression of the excellence of Hilterapia®, and the new-born MiS – MLS® High Peak Pulse, the new device in the MLS® family”.

The day in Dainese ended with a guided tour of the Archive and with the test of the D-air® device.

“A special thank you goes to Physiotherapist Mara Mezzalira from Fisiolab, who gave us all interesting suggestions and food for thought, and to all Dainese staff for the professionalism and availability they provided, – conclude Marchesini and Zaghetto – praise goes to all our team, which has proved to be proactive in tackling constant challenges and reactive in adopting new relationship approaches”.

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