Craniofacial Pain, ASAlaser opens new horizons to TMD

There are many different types of TMD - Temporomandibular Muscle Disorders: they are becoming increasingly more frequent and widespread, and are amongst the main causes of numerous affections such as sleep apnea and sleep disorders which, as well as being disturbing for patients, also weigh heavily on social costs because of negative work outcomes and increased health expenses. 

These affections have been a serious problem in the United States for many years, but they are constantly monitored and studied by different super specialists to find therapy methods for solving the individual disturbances, which are very widespread, not only in the US but also throughout the entire world.

To handle this type of pathology ASAlaser, which has been dedicated to the development of therapy solutions for pain management since 1983, together with its scientific research department ASAcampus, proposes Laserterapia MLS® as a valid support because of the important results obtained from scientific research that was developed on both nerve and muscle cells.

To offer sector operators a valid proposal, ASAlaser has entered into a partnership for excellence with Bio-research Associates Inc., a leading American company for more than 40 years in the research and production of technology for investigating the root causes of temporomandibular and craniofacial disturbances, and those of the whole stomatognathic system (TMJ -Temporomandibular Joint).

Both companies are united by the same philosophy and scientific culture, as well as by their long experience.  They represent an undisputed reference of excellence for offering the market an integrated “complete therapeutic system”: scientific research, clinical validation, exclusive diagnosis, specific treatment protocols, training with sector experts, specialist centres.

Many American sector operators have already been able to appraise and see applied the important results obtained by this “therapy system” at the 46th “Annual World Conference of Evidence Dentistry and Biometric Diagnostic Aids” held in Milwaukee from 3 to 5 May 2012.  During this conference, the most famous sector experts underlined their obtained clinical success with many patients by using MLS® Laser Therapy.

Read what Dr. Steven Olmos has to say about MLS® Laser Therapy - TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, California

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