ASAlaser for iPad and Tablet: an app for Itunes and Android

ASAlaser has developed an iPad application with the most complete and updated contents on Hilterapia® and MLS® Laser Therapy; it is the best work instrument for all professionals, essential even for updating and training.Divided into Anatomy, Pathologies and Treatments, you can now consult the application to see videos with spectacular 3D images that show how and where osteo-muscular and tendon disturbances begin, and also how to use Hilterapia® or MLS® Laser Therapy with a step-by-step video guide expressly for each device (Hiro 3.0 and SH1, Mphi, Mphi5 and M6).

  • Ideal for sharing the therapy to be carried out with patients, making them aware of their pathology and the type of treatment that is required.
  • Essential for completing and improving the professional’s knowledge of protocols, the characteristics of their own device, the most specific treatment methods.  It is a valid and simple training aid for staff.

All the contents were developed by a team that included the ASAlaser Scientific Research Department, doctors, physiotherapists, experts and Italian and foreign professionals with recognised experience.

The application is available free from AppleStore and Google Play for Android version. 

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