ASAlaser and CUOA: a Project Management course for corporate growth


 “We have been aware of the centrality that human resources represent for the company’s reputation, both in terms of its “perceived value” and of its image within and beyond the national territory, for the past thirty years. Internal training is crucial for this aspect, and it is also effective towards building innovative projects on which to base new opportunities. Finally, within a welfare framework, the choice to invest in training also wishes to represent an acknowledgement towards the loyalty and commitment of our employees, with the objective of providing them with a personal and professional growth opportunity thanks to meetings with prestigious figures with an undeniable human calibre”.

These are the comments by Roberto Marchesini, CEO of ASAlaser, at the closurw of the “Project Management” course addressed to all departmental managers and to some selected company operators, organised together with the CUOA Business School, one of the most prestigious national training bodies. The training represented a concrete answer to the need to combine specific requirements with the necessary improvements of the staff’s skills, through proven technique methods. Requirements which have been generated by the considerable company development over the last few years and by its intention to continue such development inserting new professional figures.

Investing in human resources – explains Flavio Muraro, the ASAlaser Human Asset Manager – represents a springboard for consolidating our company’s success, whose evolution also requires a judicious effort in defining common guidelines for developing personal skills and managing projects. These guidelines must be both shared and high-quality. CUOA is recognised as providing high-quality and efficient training and remains our chosen reference point for investing in skills which the company also deems strategic for its future. Specifically, within the perspective of the next one or two years, we aim to schedule the legislative and technical training required for maintaining the company leadership within its market sector”.

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