ASA therapies in Costa Rica


Hilterapia®, MLS® Laser Therapy and Magneto Qs were the protagonists of a specific course addressed to doctors and physiotherapists of the “Clinica Nacional del control del dolor y cuidados paliativos” in Costa Rica.

The training event, approved by “La caja costarricense de seguro social centro de desarrollo estrategico e informacion en salud y seguridad social (CENDEISSS)”, a leading national body in the health sector, was attended by the most important local specialists in the physiotherapy field, interested in analysing or optimising the use of ASA’s various therapeutic solutions.

“Many of those present already use MLS® and Magneto Qs and thanks to the valuable results obtained showed their interest in acquiring further information concerning Hilterapia®. An important acknowledgement for our company – Karla Salazar, ASA Export Manager – which is confirmed as a reliable interlocutor able to provide therapies of excellence”.

Further recognition of the efficacy and validity of ASA’s offer came from the spokespeople for INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros) who took part in an additional course focusing on MLS® Laser Therapy.

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