ASA: 2018 marked by growth in turnover and personnel


Revenue from sales and significantly increased performances compared with the past two years (+ 14.6% from 2017 and + 30% compared with 2016), an increase in personnel, the budget for Research (+ 11%) and training (1123 hours) hallmarked by continuity: this is the summary of ASA’s 2018. Furthermore, the company also celebrated two significant milestones – 10 years of the ASAcampus “Energy For Health” scientific magazine and the launch of the new MiS-MLS® High Peak Pulse device. The forecast target for 2019? A further increase in the budgeted revenue from sales of 5.5% compared with the 2018 result.

Roberto Marchesini, CEO of ASA, specifies – “For the current year, we have clear ideas: consolidating the markets we already operate in, marketing the new MiS device, running further scientific and clinical studies in support of our therapies and of innovative therapeutic solutions and, last but not least, moving to a new production site where the spaces are better structured in relation to our updated production requirements and the increase in personnel employed”.

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