Antalya: a speech on high-intensity laser therapy


The benefits of “High-intensity Laser Therapy” treatments were the focus of the speech given by Dr Iliya Todorov, Head of the “Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation” department at the prestigious University Hospital St. Marina in Varna, during the 27th edition of “Fiziksel Tıp ve Rehabilitasyon Kongresi” which took place in Antalya (Turkey) from 17th to 21st April (Titanic Belek Congress Center).

The meeting was attended by physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals and constituted a leading showcase for Elsa - ASA’s local partner – whose team, in addition to being present throughout the entire event, was able to count on the support of the prestigious speaker.

Positive feedback came from industry specialists and from the Elsa team, as is confirmed by Kerem Gullu (physiotherapist and specialist of the Turkish distributor’s staff), who stated: “It went very well. I personally also greatly appreciated both Doctor Todorov’s speech and the Doctor as a person. I would now like to organise further activities with his support”.

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