AMLAR: MLS® and magnetotherapy in Latin America


“Rehabilitation Doctors and Specialists from the main hospitals and clinics in Ecuador visited the stand exhibiting our devices and were amazed both at their state of the art and at the effectiveness of our therapies”.

This is how Karla Salazar, the ASAlaser Area Manager commented the company’s attendance, through the local partner Intermedica, at the “XVIII Congreso de la Asociaciòn Medica Latinoamericana de Rehabilitaciòn - AMLAR” (Hotel Hilton Colon, Guayaquil – Ecuador, 4/6 October).
The attention of these rehabilitation professionals, mainly from Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic, was drawn to the Mphi 75, M6 and PMT Qs devices.

“Attention towards M6 was particularly evident, as thanks to allowing the automatic application of MLS® Laser Therapy, it was acknowledged as extremely useful for managing outpatient treatment. Its ergonomic design, the fact it is easy to use and is equipped with a PMT Qs trolley and bed, was a real hit, particularly as concerns the automatic version. Next meeting with all the specialists at the 2020 AMLAR in La Paz”.

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