25 years in the name of energy


On 29 November 2008 the theater "La Fenice" of Venice from the temple of opera became the perfect location for celebrating a special birthday: the first 25 years of ASAlaser. A quarter of century dedicated to develop and deepen the knowledge about laser therapy and magnetotherapy with the dual purpose of sharing them with the world of doctors and specialists and to improve  welfare and health of patients. To lead the company toward this goal have been scientific research, experimentation and clinical trials that have allowed the levels of effectiveness of devices and therapeutic methods of ASAlaser to grow, achieving impacting results. A successful challenge that involved staff, network of researchers ASAcampus and all company employees in Italy and in the world. The anniversary also provided an opportunity to discuss with experts and luminaries about the therapy that has helped ASAlaser to become one of the leading companies in the sector: Hilterapia®. The "International Conference Hilterapia®" saw on the stage of "La Fenice" doctors, specialists and athletes who shared their experience in the application of the pulse HILT® and the reasons of their choice to use it. << A day that was a milestone for our company - says Roberto Marchesini, managing director of ASAlaser - always projected into the future: the next 25 years will be for us in the name of research, innovation and the opening of new therapeutic and commercial customers. The acquired skills and enthusiasm will guide us towards new challenges>>.


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