Muscolar Strains

Treatment depends on the seriousness of the lesion and on the muscle involved.

At all events it is important to rest immediately, avoiding painful activities. Another important thing is to instantly apply ice on the damaged area. The application should last 15-20 minutes and be repeated every 2-3 hours for a couple of days after the trauma.

Compression and elevation are the last two aids which compose PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation), the approach to follow when dealing with sport trauma.

An anti-inflammatory medicine, also together with a myorelaxant, it is useful for easing ache & pain caused by muscolar strains.

In the event of first degree lesion, if the lesion diagnosed by the ultrasound scan is minor, it is possible to start the physiotherapy earlier, choosing laser therapy or ultrasound. Within 3 or 4 weeks it is generally possible to go back to the sport activity.

If it is a second degree lesion, a recovery period of 2 to 7 days is highly recommended, because it allows the formation of reparative tissue.

Again anti-inflammatory and myorelaxing medicines and a physical therapy including ionophoresis, ultrasound and laser therapy are useful, together with stretching exercises cautiously done after a week of rest.

The exercises, which mustn’t cause pain, are useful to improve the distribution of the reparative tissue and to reduce the scar size. The recovery time is generally over a month with the possibility of starting the sport activity after 4-6 weeks at least.

In the event of third degree lesion, together with PRICE, it is necessary to immobilize the damaged limb with the application of a plaster cast and, in case of a larger lesion, a surgical treatment is recommended in order to stitch the muscle.

After a rest phase it is possible to proceed with the same treatment seen for the second degree lesion. Recovery for third degree lesions is anyway problematic because, even if treated in the adequate way, risk of relapse is high.