Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache

When facing a light and localized pain, it is possible to wait for a couple of days, in order to verify a possible improvement before going to a doctor; instead, it is important to consult him immediately in the event pain irradiates to one or both legs or it is characterized by weakness, pins and needles or alteration of the lower limbs sensation, as a direct consequence of a falling or other traumas that involve the back area.

The doctor will be able to determine the possible cause of back pain by reading the clinical history, verifying the ability of performing specific movements, testing the reflexes.

He may also suggest a radiography of the lumbar spine which allows to detect arthrosis or the reduction of the discs’ thickness.

In order to study better the intra vertebral discs and their relations with the nervous roots it is anyway necessary to do more sophisticated exams such as NMR and CAT scan that allow to evaluate the status of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels.

In case of ache or alteration of the strength or sensation of the lower limbs it may be recommended to do an electromyography that verifies the transmission of the pulses along the nerves.